(ENDED) SwissGear Bags with Free Shipping: $3 Small, $9 Larger, $15 Messenger, $28 16″ Laptop

As of a 7/22/17 recheck, this sale is over…

Focus Camera has a sale on select Swiss Gear products products, with free shipping, including the following camera-related bags:

+ SwissGear Jasper Series Medium Camera Case (Black) for $3

+ Wenger SwissGear SHERPA Large Camera Case for $9

+ SwissGear Zinc DSLR Camera Messenger Bag for $15

+ they also have laptop bags and such on sale ($28 for typical 16″ laptop backpacks); there’s no way to sort by price other than filtering by price-range in the left sidebar over there; not every bag shown in the search results is on sale;

+ check dimensions and reviews ~ the pictures can be misleading in terms of size and capacity

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