Sunday: Hoodman CFAST, FotoPro UFO, Klipsch Cinema, Etc

If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Depressed 😉 Because that’s how you’ll end up after watching all the Sunday morning poly-ticks talk shows 🙂

But wait, there’s more! Today is Independence Day, a day of reflection and essay-reading and essay-writing about the need of and for freedom and prioritizing the collective good and… oh who am I kidding, FIREWORKS!

We start with the B&H Photo daily deals running until 7/4/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ 64GB Hoodman HCFAST Steel Memory Card for $60
+ 2-pack for $100, that’s $50 per card, 2-PAC wins!

+ FotoPRO UFO2 Tripod Kit for $17
+ you don’t need a FOIA request to see this UFO 😉

+ Klipsch Cinema soundbar systems, $300 to $850 _before_ the automatic in-cart coupon
+ after the in-cart coupon, they become $179 and $599…

+ 3-pack of Panasonic earphones for $20, that’s $6.67 per earphone

Meanwhile among the W00t daily dealz they have Segway scooters, Epson projectors ($330 to $620), touchscreen 11.6″ Chromebooks ($130 Lenova, $165 2n1 Dell; check Auto-Update Expiration dates, although at these prices you are often close or past the point-of-no-return), and random audio/video gear…

Speaking of Chromebooks, Opera became the first non-Google browser to become available for Chromebooks. It is available through the Google Play store on ChromeOS (in other words, you need Google’s Chrome-Android active). It has many of the features regular Opera has, including the free built-in VPN. Details at 11 or at your nearest Internet branch