(ENDED) Sunday: $25 credit for every $100 in purchases at Touch of Modern [max $300 credit; Iconic Collection excluded]

This 1-day offer expired…

Good until 11:59pm pacific time, as part of the “April Fools Day” festivities, Touch of Modern will give you a $25 store credit (to be used in future purchases) for every $100 in purchases there. The maximum store credit you can earn from this promotion is $300 (maximum purchase of $1200).

Of camera and photo interest:

+ Camera Patent print as a pillow for $19

+ Clearance on Various Non-Camera Bags

+ PicBot (automated smartphone photo//video bot) for $100

+ Texenergy Off the Grid Power Solutions including “Infinite Air” for $80

+ DJI Drones

+ Buena Vista laptop bags (four options, $37 to $62) and Cargo Works bags (ten options)

+ K3 Waterproof Bags and Gear

+ shipping is always extra at Touch of Modern


+ NOTE: products that are part of the ICONIC COLLECTION are NOT eligible for the credit! They are designated, among other things with this logo:

You can also look at the navigation link above the product name:

The Iconic Collection is typically excluded from coupons and store-credit promotions…

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