Sunday (12pm ET) FREE to Watch: Leica M Typ 240 Class

There is another camera “fast start” class in the Sunday CreativeLIVE On-AIR schedule. The “broadcast day” begins at 12pm eastern every day and ends at 11:59am eastern the following day. The camera class is a repeat of the Leica M Typ 240 with John Greengo. This is a half day class and it will be streaming until Tuesday 3/20/18 so many opportunities to catch it as it repeats throughout the day and night.

Continuing for the next few weeks is the Adobe Photoshop CC Bootcamp class, free to watch during the stream-a-thon binge-a-thon window…

+ CONTINUES: Adobe Photoshop CC Bootcamp until April 6
+ MAR-19: Action Photography with Red Bull photographer Corey Rich
+ MAR-20: Photo Transfers for Mixed Media Collage Work
+ MAR-21: Adventure Photography
+ MAR-22: Business of Commercial Photography (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ MAR-24: Premiere PRO CC Starter Kit
+ MAR-25: Another Look with Art Wolfe
+ MAR-26: Lightroom CC Photo Editing: the Complete Guide
+ MAR-27: Fine Art Photography: the Complete Guide
+ MAR-28: 28 Days of Portrait Photography
+ MAR-29: Flash for Dramatic Images (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ MAR-29: Flash for Beauty Images (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ MAR-29: Understanding Light with Mark Wallace
+ MAR-30: Flash for Children/Family Images (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ APR-03: Lightning and Posing for Wedding Photographers (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ APR-04: Business of Wedding Photography
+ APR-05: The Wedding Story (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ APR-09: Lightroom Classic: The Complete Guide (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ APR-23: Powerful Portraits using Body Language and Lightning
+ the above is just a sampling, see them all at the CREATIVE LIVE On-AIR Schedule