Sunday: 10″ Insignia LCD digiframe for $45

It’s not an espresso but espresso-colored, the 10-inch new condition Insignia LCD digital picture frame for $45 is one of the Sunday September 1 (2019) deals of the day at the Best Buy website. Yep, it’s September already!

The headliner is a refurbished Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3LCD projector for $350, and if you are a reverse-ographer, there’s a $70 Metra Bullet Back-Up camera 🙂 On the budget side of things, there’s a $40 Motorola Moto E smartphone (AT&T Prepaid locked). Select the “Activate Later” if you are not certain you want to use it with a new or ported line. This is model XT1921-2.

On a more serious note, if you are fond of e-book-reading, there are over 130 of them in the Kindle Daily Deals for Sunday. If you are planning to buy multiple and don’t want to “spam” your credit card statement, you may want to add a gift card to your Amazon account, so all those 99c, $1.99, $2.99 e-books will get paid automatically by the gift card (granted, sometimes Amazon groups ebook purchases together on its own, but there are time limits and other restrictions on how this happens automatically)…