Starts Monday 12pm ET (FREE to Watch Online Class): Fine Art Landscape and Travel Photography

If you want to escape the Black Friday madness productively, we have an educational alternative for you! The Creative LIVE ON-AIR schedule where you will find a variety of photography and creative classes streaming for FREE!

ON-AIR free-streaming classes start at 12pm ET, and among today’s classes is the “Fine Art Landscape and Travel Photography” by Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitt. If you want a sneak peek, go under “Class Materials” and there you will find the Transcripts of all 48 lessons.

Meanwhile on Tuesday 11/21/17 at 12pm ET there will be the world premiere (recording LIVE) of a brand new class, Camera Buyer’s Guide by John Greego!

Other potentially interesting classes
+ November 24: Tabletop photography
+ November 26: One Light Wonder
+ November 27: Another Look with Art Wolf
+ November 28: Intro to Large Format Photography
+ December 6: Nikon D850 Fast Start
+ and many more

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