Starts 12pm ET (Free to Watch): Portrait Photography Fundamentals

One of the Tuesday FREE to Watch video-streaming classes at CreativeLIVE On-Air is “Portrait Photography Fundamentals” by Scott Robert Lim. All the classes on that page are free to watch during their scheduled “On-Air” dates. Of potential interest:

+ Dec 6: “Nikon D850 Fast Start” (World Premiere!)
+ Dec 7: Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC world premieres
+ Dec 8: Authentic Children Portraits
+ Dec 12: Brushes in Photoshop CC (world premiere)
+ Dec 13: Create an Online Portfolio (world premiere)
+ Dec 16: Beyond DSLR Basics: Composition & Lighting
+ Dec 16: Craft Photography Fundamentals
+ Dec 19: Foundations of Photoshop CC
+ Jan 3: Choosing the Right Lens (world premiere)