Staples B&M Rewards Members: Recycle Old Gear, Get $10 off $30+ coupon

If you have old cameras, printers, camcorders or any other electronics that have a very low resale value or would take forever to sell in the used market, and if you are a fan of the Staples B&M stores, and a member of their Rewards program, for the week of November 12-18 (Saturday night) in 2017, at their B&M stores, if you recycle old electronics, they will give you a coupon for $10 off a future purchase of $30+. A complete list of what recyclable electronics they accept can be found on their Recycling Promotional page (includes modems, cordless phones, fax machines, dvd players, calculators, keyboards, mice, etc).

PRO TIP: if you have more than one item to recycle, and want more than one coupon, you can always go there on different days/times and recycle them one by one or in smaller quantities 🙂 A list of items they don’t accept is also listed (TVs, floor speakers, lamps, bulbs, large servers, kitchen electronics, etc).

Their Rewards program is free to join and participate.

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