Short Term 1TB of Free Cloud Storage with computer purchase

If you are looking for short term cloud storage as additional-additional layers of backup of your photos, both Google and Microsoft are now offering rivaling 1TB cloud storage options for FREE when you purchase select Chromebooks and Windows 8 laptops -for a limited time. The catch however is that the storage is free for a limited time only, Google for two years and Microsoft OneDrive for one year. Microsoft started the 1TB thing and today Google “price matched” it by jumping from the usual 100MB for Chromebooks to 1TB. The Google deadline for purchases of eligible computers is 12/31/14. Terms and restrictions apply to these offers and I don’t know what happens if you are already in the middle of an offer or if you had previously redeemed a similar option… Ironically, perhaps we are getting close to the point where it might be cheaper to buy a new laptop to get the free 1TB Cloud storage than rent the Cloud storage outright 🙂