Sell Your Own Camera Gear to KEH Camera, Get 5% to 10% Bonus with coupon

UPDATE: this promotion expires on Saturday 4/28/18 at 11:59pm eastern…

KEH Camera is running a 2-Day Coupon Sale on EX and EX+ gear but what if instead you want to sell your own camera gear to KEH Camera with a bonus?

Well, you found the right post!Ccoupon code SYG04A gets you the following bonus options when you Sell Your Own Gear to KEH Camera:

+ get 5% more if you take payment as cold hard cash (eg check)
+ get 10% more if you take payment in the form of a KEH Camera gift card

So if Fictional Lens 9mm f0.99 IS has a regular buy price of $100, using the coupon SYG04A will get you $105 if you select to be paid for your gear with a check, or $110 if you select to receive a KEH gift card instead of a check.

You can use the Search Box at the Sell Your Own Gear to KEH Camera page to get estimates based on the product condition and what’s included…