(SOLD OUT) Refurbished Olympus E-M5 silver with 12-50mm EZ for $400

As of 7/3/17 recheck, this is sold out at the moment… When something factory reconditioned sells out, the Get Olympus store removes it from their website so you get a 404 error. If/when they have it in-stock again, the page returns. They do not let you order reconditioned items if they are not in-stock…

If you want to get a “take pictures with” Micro Four Thirds kit with an intermediate level type of a camera, and want something in-between used and new-condition, the official Olympus factory reconditioned store is offering the silver color scheme of the factory reconditioned Olympus E-M5 with 12-50mm EZ for $400 with a 90-day Olympus USA warranty. This is the first generation E-M5. The black color scheme goes for $50 more.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable with heavily used cameras, check the previous the used Olympus E-M5 body post.

For more options at the Get Olympus store, check our previous round-up.

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