Refurbished Canons w/1yr warranty: SX 520 HS for $90, N for $90, G16 for $280, G1X II w/extras for $550

On a more serious note, in addition to the previously mentioned Black Friday countdown clock, the Canon USA store has a sale on 19 refurbished Canon Powershot digital cameras. This goes from a $30 A-series to a $550 G series (G1X II). All the ones at the aforelinked page are refurbished with a 1-year Canon warranty.

About half of them are currently out of stock, but in-stock is the SX520 HS superzoom for $90, the SX510 HS with a case for $100, the N square thang for $90, the SX700 HS for $140, the G16 rawsumer for $280, the G7 X for $480, and the aforementioned G1X II rawsumer for $550 (with free extra battery and 4GB SD card). All these are refurbished with a 1-year Canon warranty.

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