Refurbished Canon M10 w/15-45 + 1-YR W for $329

Another sale promotion featuring 38 refurbished Canon DSLRs and MiLCs is now in-progress at the official Canon USA outlet store, offering 1-year warranties on their manufacturer refurbished products as usual.

If you are curious about the Canon mirrorless system, but don’t want to break the bank, one of these offers, in-stock as of the time of writing, is the manurefurb (new proposed LOL term for “manufacturer + refurbished”) Canon M10 with 15-45mm in the black or the white color scheme for $329.

This is an older model on its way out (no longer available at Adorama or B&H), but you can get it in new condition for $450 by Samy’s Camera thru Amazon. This was already off the radar when we posted the Mirrorless Price Chart in early November 2017.