PSA: UPS Delivery Delays

It’s not just you. The waves and waves of Black Friday and Cyber Monday online orders have slowed down the Logistics experts at UPS, so much so that they have issued an advisory of delays and package overload/overflow.

If any of those packages were shipped with Amazon Prime 2-Day delivery, and missed their delivery estimate, you may be eligible to get an additional month added to your Prime account. This may be at the discretion of the customer service employee but it’s one of the Prime Benefits. I believe there is a (written or unwritten) limit of one monthly extension per month per Prime member.

This is one of the reasons Amazon offers $1 digital credits (or other checkout incentives) to encourage shoppers to select the slow shipping method for non-important / non-time-sensitive purchases. You probably don’t want a brand new tilt-shift lens toiling away in slow-shipping hell, but a book can be just fine floating in shiplandia for weeks and weeks 🙂 It’s also important to note that “slow shipping” does not necessarily mean it will arrive a lot later, it’s just that it’s not guaranteed to arrive quicker.

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