Pre-order new Fuji X-E3 Mirrorless iLC starting at $899

Mirrorless cameras just scored a goal, increasing their lead to 10-8! Fuji put in a new middlefielder that scored this goal [okay, time to abandon soccer/football analogies]…

Fuji has a new 24mp APS-C mirrorless camera in their X-System, it is part of the X-E series, it is the brand new X-E3, available in silver or black [but still not Raiders edition].

It will be available in three official kits as follows:

  • BODY ONLY for $899
  • with 23mm f2 for $1150
  • with 18-55 for $1300

Pre-orders at the above prices are now accepted at B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon itself where the release estimate is September 28 (2017).

Keep in mind though, estimates are only estimates until or unless the cameras start shipping.

This reinforces the three Fuji X-System lines of X-T, X-E, and X-A.

It also juxtapositions this new camera with the existing Fuji X-T1 with FREE 35mm f2 promotion, at the moment giving the X-T1 an advantage in terms of both a lower price and a free lens included with it. [check the Stock Status Tracker for all the X-T1 options].