Pop Photo for $5 for one year (with auto-renewal)

If you are a fan of printed magazines with automatic renewal, Amazon has a $5 Magazine Sale that includes a 1yr Popular Photography Magazine subscription (printed edition, 12 issues in 12 months, for $5, with auto-renewal). Other magazines are also participating but the duration and offers vary. The only constant is the $5 price. For example, there is a Wired All Access + Hat offer for $5 that gets you six months of Print + Digital issues (= All Access) of Wired, and a Wired …baseball hat.

NOTE #1: for auto-renewal subscriptions, when it is time for renewal, they will automatically charge you the future-current price (at renewal time), not the initial price you paid. I may have to do one of these just to see how they work.

NOTE #2: if you don’t like auto-renewals, fear not, DiscountMags has recurring photography magazine offers that are NOT auto-renewal.