Pay $85, Get $100 iTunes Gift Card via email [limit 4]

If you live in the iTunes ecosystem and don’t want to wait for better discounts to appear, then to the eBay Deals we go where the PayPal’s official online gift card e-store (aka PayPal Digital Gifts) is offering $100 iTunes email Gift Cards for $85. Free online delivery. Limit up to four per customer during the sale.

Of camera and photo interest, there’s a variety of camera/photo iOS apps, and a variety of photography e-books and camera guides in the iBooks store. Note that iBooks e-books can only be read on Apple hardware, the biggest difference between iBooks and the other major online e-book stores.

Speaking of emailable gift cards, if you are a fan of Staples, PayPal Digital Gifts has a promotion for them too, buy a $100 Staples Gift Card via email and receive a $15 bonus eBay code via email. So you end up with a $100 Staples e-gift card and a $15 eBay promotional e-gift card.

NOTE: PayPal Digital Gifts only sells emailable/digital gift cards, so if you are looking for plastic/physical gift cards and you see PayPal Digital Gifts as the seller, they won’t have them.