Panasonic GH5: USED for $1748, Grey for $1893, Authorized $2000 [or less]

And now it is the Panasonic GH5 time for updating in the Stock Status Tracker and you have many options here.

+ USED condition for $1748 at Amazon Warehouse Deals in “Used – Very Good” condition (repackaged, tested, no cosmetic imperfections, two pictures of the actual camera included)
+ this is by Amazon Warehouse Deals itself, not 3rd-party sellers
+ below that, there’s a “Used – Like New” for $1799 by Cardinal Photo

+ GREY MARKET (new condition) for $1893 by 6ave on eBay)

+ NEW CONDITION ($2000 or less): make a “Best Offer” using the eBay “Make Offer” button by Willoughby’s (eBay)

+ NEW CONDITION for $2000 at Adorama and Amazon itself and various on eBay

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