One Year Of Prime + unlockable GSM Fire Phone for $110 (refurb) or $130 (32GB) or $150 (64GB)

UPDATE 9/22/15: yet another option, the 32GB version (manufacturer refurbished, AT&T GSM version, unlocking code included) with One Year Prime for $110 with free shipping by QualityCellz (99.2%), with a limit of five per customer…

NOTE: if you are not already a Prime member already, for one day only (Friday 9/25/15), you can purchase a Prime membership for $67 as a new member. So if you don’t need this phone, $67 is definitely better.

The original post (the new condition items) after the break…

ORIGINAL POST: If you are fond of the Amazon Prime program, and are certain to renew it going forward, or want to start a membership, the new condition clearance sales of the “Fire Phone with One Year Prime included” continue at the eBay Deals, after Amazon’s own fire sale run out of stock. With the current price of Prime being $100, you are essentially getting an unlockable GSM phone with mid-rangey specs for either $30 or $60 depending on storage. No microSD slot, so if you are planning to use it to take a lot of photos without high-speed internet connection (or backup options) available, it’s a trade-off of [ 32GB ] vs [ 64GB + $20 ].

The available options as of the time of writing:
+ 32GB version (new condition, AT&T with unlocking code included) for $130 with free shipping by seller QualityCellz (99.2%) [limit 50 per customer]

+ 64GB version (new condition, AT&T with unlocking code included) for $150 with free shipping by seller QualityCellz (99.2%) [limit 50 per customer]

This comes locked to AT&T out of the box, but inside the package, the eBay seller will include an Unlocking code, so you can unlock the phone and use it with any compatible GSM provider, not just AT&T. Or you can always use it as a Wifi-only device and not bother with cellular service (per the listing: “4G-LTE Bands: 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 7- 8-17 and 20, also HSPA+ with enhanced backhaul”)

The Prime subscriptions are stackable. I haven’t done this with the eBay sales, but with the Amazon sales, your Prime subscription automatically extends when the phone ships from Amazon (if it is registered in your name, not as a gift). The Amazon sales ship has sailed however, since they are out of it and do not accept future orders. Since these are shipped by the eBay seller, judging by the eBay listing information, your Prime membership gets extended when you activate the phone (turn it on and login with your Amazon account – or something like that – I am only speculating since I haven’t done this). Over 2300 units so far got sold from these two eBay listings.