Olympus f1.8 M43rds Portrait (75mm and 45mm) for $900

We already mentioned the $700 Olympus Travel Lens Kit (17/1.8 and 14-150/4-5.6 II), but Olympus also has another official lens kit, this one goes for $900 and it is the Portrait Kit, it bundles two f1.8 primes, the 75mm f1.8 and the 45mm f1.8.

The $900 Portrait Kit is currently available at Adorama and B&H Photo (with $36~ promotional rewards) and by various at Amazon ($45 statement credit if paid with Prime VISA).

Individually, the 45mm f1.8 goes for $300 at authorized dealers (eg Amazon), or you can get it as low as $174 refurbished.

Individually, the 75mm f1.8 goes for $900 at authorized dealers, eg B&H Photo (with $36~ promotional rewards).

So with this promotion, based on the current prices, you are essentially getting the 45mm f1.8. The Portrait Kit also includes matching barrel lens cases and hoods for the two lenses. The lenses are obviously of different size, and so are their cases and hoods.

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