Now shipping: various Canon M50 Mirrorless kits at standard prices ($779 to $1249)

If you want to be among the first to get the new Canon M50 mirrorless APS-C camera, some of the kits are now in-stock and ready to ship as follows:

+ black M50 body for $779 by Amazon itself

+ white M50 with 15-45 for $899 by Amazon itself (don’t call me Stormtrooper color scheme)

+ black M50 with 15-45 by 3rd-parties thru Amazon (none of them are fulfilled by Amazon)

+ black M50 two lens kit (15-45, 55-200) for $1249 by 3rd parties thru Amazon (one is Prime eligible)

+ black M50 Video Creator Kit (15-45, Rode VideoMic, 32GB Sandisk, etc) for $999 by 3rd-parties thru Amazon (one is Prime eligible)

As usual, if you are buying from third-party sellers at Amazon make sure that 1) they are authorized Canon dealers, 2) they are reputable dealers; The two are not mutually exclusive, ideally one would go for YES to both…