Nikon D850 body goes in TOOS status!

Breaking!!! The Nikon D850 body only is currently in “Temporarily out of stock” (TOOS) status at Amazon by Amazon itself. Limit three per customer… Previously the estimate was “2-4 months”, so that’s an improvement…

“TOOS” is an all-encompassing thing, so it’s hard to tell when you’ll get it…

All the options at the Amazon listing are in “TOOS”, which makes sense, since these are just DSLR + Lens sold by Amazon, they are not official Nikon kits, so basically once you have the DSLR, you have all the other combos as well [unless any of those lenses are unavailable].

B&H Photo remains in pre-order status, and Adorama in backorder status.

The eBay Search Results continue to be filled with sellers charging A LOT more. If you hate this practice, make a note of their names and never buy from them 🙂

The Stock Status Tracker has been updated, and the Nikon D850 listing moved to the top. For the reasons explained above, I’m not creating additional entries for the D850 + Lens combos since they all depend on the D850 body only stock status.


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