Nikon A with DF-CP1 OVF kit drops to $500 (silver) or $520 (black)

If you are interested in the Nikon A, we have good-news/bad-news for you. We start with the bad news: the silver Adorama bundle with four extras for $400 is sold-out and no longer orderable. Also, Amazon’s lowest price is now $460.

The good news now: if you want the Nikon A and the DF-CP1 OVF optical viewfinder, the black Nikon A bundle has dropped from $570 to $520 at B&H Photo.

If you prefer the silver Nikon A and the DF-CP1 OVF, at B&H Photo, you can click the “Save $300 On Nikon DF-CP1 Optical Viewfinder” under “Savings Available” and add it. This allows you to add the DF-CP1 OVF kit for +$100. So $400 + $100 = $500.

If you prefer the silver Nikon A without any extras, it continues to sell for $400 at B&H Photo and Best Buy (store pickup).