NewEgg Ultimate 24 hour Black Friday sale

NewEgg, it seems, is a jobs program for English majors, because who else can come up with some many variants of a Black Friday sale. This time around we have the 24-hour Ultimate Black Friday sale running for …26 hours 🙂 Until Friday at 11:59pm pacific time!

NOTE: some of the offers may activate when we reach Friday in the pacific time zone (aka 3am eastern on actual Black Friday)

This is done in NewEgg e-newsletter style, so items with promo codes require the input of your email address. Not sure why they still do this, because in order to buy something you have to create an account and give them your email address anyway. Regardless…

The sale includes the usual assortment of computer, tech, electronics and such, including:

+ Elements 2020 Combo for $70 with coupon code EMCUUVE43
+ individually for $50 with their own promo code