(ENDED) New AdoramaPIX coupons: 11×14″ for $1.38 Prints or $15.90 Standouts or $26.40 Metal [and more]

These coupons expired…

A new round of coupons is here until Saturday night 3/3/18 at 11:59pm from AdoramaPIX. This round of coupons is product-centric instead of sitewide, so it’s better if you happen to be looking to make prints of these particular sizes:

+ 11×14″ prints for $1.38 with coupon 11PRTEM
+ 11×14″ standouts for $15.90 with coupon 11STOEM
+ 11×14″ metal prints for $26.40 with coupon 11METEM

+ 11×17″ wood prints for $34.30 with coupon 11WDPEM

+ 100 4×6 prints for FREE with $75+ orders with coupon FREEPRTEM

+ find them all at AdoramaPIX. The usual restrictions and such apply.

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