Money Maker (buying power): Buy Dash Button for 99c, Get $5 Credit Later after First Dash Button Order [PRIME ONLY!]

This is a Prime members promotion!

This is a money-maker (in terms of buying power) if you want to buy items using the Amazon Dash buttons and make subsequent purchases using the button and then spend the store credit. They have a limited time promotion that gets you a physical Dash button for 99c with coupon code DASHBDAY. Then you wait until you physically receive your physical Dash button. Then you configure it using the Amazon app. Then when you are ready to order, you press the button to make your first order with that particular button. AFTER you place your first order with that particular new Dash button, you will receive a $5 Amazon credit on your account. Limit three discounted Dash buttons per customer during this promotion that expires 4/7/17.

Of camera and photo interest, they have an AmazonBasics Dash button that allows you to buy one of seven options of single-use AmazonBasics batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V). Another easy to redeem option is a Gift Cards Dash button. Another option is a Rayovac Dash Button that offers ten options of single-use batteries. Most of the rest of the Dash buttons are consumables, foods, household items, office supplies, and other things that need to be replenished or refilled.

UPDATE: here’s another one, a True Image Dash button with nine print cartridge options.

Per the terms and conditions, you have until 12/31/17 to place your first Dash button order that will get you your $5 store credit.

NOTE: I haven’t ordered a Dash button yet, so I don’t know what happens next.