(ENDED) Monday eBook: “Japanese Mind: Understanding Contemporary Japanese Culture” for $3.19

This daily deal expired…

With the vast majority of camera gear originating from Japan these days, photographers often develop an interest in Japan for this very reason. If so, and you want to understand Japan some more, one of the Kindle e-book deals of the day is this 2011 book Japanese Mind: Understanding Contemporary Japanese Culture for $3.19 by Roger J. Davies and Osamu Ikeno. It is 280 pages long. Sale ends on Tuesday at 3am ET.

You can send a sample to your Kindle, but you can get a much better feel of the book if you switch to the Paperback Version and use the “Look Inside” feature to jump around everywhere in the book. This gives you a much better feel than just the first few pages. The “Look Inside” on the Kindle version only shows you the beginning of the book.

The book averages 4.2 out of 5 based on 87 customer reviews. If you have “slow shipping” digital credits, and if this ebook is eligible for them, they will be applied automatically, so you may end up paying less or getting it for free. You can see those by going to the very easy to remember url, amazon.com/norushcredits ~ all you have to remember is the phrase “no rush credits” 🙂

PS: you activate the “Look Inside” feature by clicking on the main thumbnail of the product on the left hand side of the product page with a PC/laptop. The feature may not be available on smaller screens depending on the responsive algorithm of the Amazon website.