Adorama On Instant Savings of Many Brands

UPDATE 11/28/17 PM: some of the individual offers within the various manufacturer instant savings promotions expired, some continue, I have no way of remembering which is what…

The clock is ticking on Cyber Monday but if you a last minute shopper, here’s a list of the various brand-centric Instant Savings promotions, nicely organized at Adorama:

+ NOTE: there are multiple pages of options for most brands below; you can increase “Per Page” to 30 or 60 if you want to reduce “next paging”

+ Zeiss Lenses (3 pages)

+ Sigma Lenses (3 pages)

+ Tokina Lenses (1 page)

+ Tamron Lenses (1 page)

+ Fuji Cameras (3 pages)

+ Panasonic Cameras (2 pages)

+ Olympus Cameras and Lenses (2 pages)

+ Canon Cameras and more (5 pages)

+ Nikon Cameras (2 pages)

+ Sony Cameras and Lenses (3 pages)

+ Microsoft Surfaces (1 page)

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