(ENDED) KEH Film Cameras, Lenses, Accessories Sale with 15% to 25% off Coupon (ends 7pm ET)

This 8-hour coupon promotion expired. If you missed it, fear not ~ KEH has coupons on a regular basis…

If you are a fan of USED film gear (cameras, lenses, accessories), KEH Camera has an 8-Hour Flash Sale on 500+ products from these categories using coupon code FILM08A entered over there. You can enter the coupon to see the discount without having to login or create an account.

The coupon code FILM08A gets you the following discounts:
+ 15% off Film Cameras
+ 20% off Film Lenses
+ 25% off Film Accessories
+ among the 500+ eligible products
+ coupon expires 7pm ET (not 8pm ET as I originally posted because I can’t do time math)

You can filter the products by type, brand name, condition, price range, and more using the various options on the left hand side of their website.

This sale (flash sale as in, like a camera flash, it’s a surprise and only lasts for a short time) ends at 7pm Eastern today (Friday 8/25/17).

Also expiring tonight are their weekly Used Coupon specials. These run Sunday AM to Friday PM, with offers changing Sunday AM.

Not eligible for the coupon, but KEH has an on-going sale on Overstock Gear, currently having 420+ products in-stock.