Imported Panasonic GX850 Body Only WITHOUT Warranty for $390

The new Panasonic GX850 with the 12-35mm goes for $550 in new condition at authorized Panasonic dealers which can include some free accessories with it such as Adorama (free Corel software, holster bag, 16GB card, card wallet, etc).

But if you only want the GX850 body-only, and you are comfortable buying international (imported, grey market) camera body WITHOUT any warranty, the Panasonic GX850 body only is available for $390~ with free shipping and no warranty from 6ave through Amazon. This ships directly from 6ave, but if you are a Prime member, you receive Prime-like shipping speed for free. It may not be as fast as Amazon since 6ave is on the East Coast, they don’t have warehouses everywhere like Amazon does.

As usual in situations like this, it is up to you to decide how much risk you are willing to take.