Imported Panasonic 100-400 f4-6.3 OIS for $1370 [m43]

To the eBay Deals we go, where the QuickNDone eBay store (99.9%) is offering the new condition imported grey-market Panasonic Leica DG 100-400mm F/4-6.3 O.I.S micro four thirds lens for $1370 with free shipping until 11/6/17 or earlier if sold out. Limit two per customer.

There is no mention of warranty in the eBay listing except when you hit the Warranty tab at the very bottom, it says limited 1-year (it may have been a leftover or default setting in the form). In the chance they do offer a warranty, it would be a seller-warranty, since they are not Panasonic USA retailers. Assume there is no warranty to be on the safe side.

PS: if interested in this, don’t forget to first activate the 8% eBay Bucks if you have invited by the eBay email bots to participate.