Imported Nikon D850 Body drops to $3230

A new development after today’s Stock Status Tracker update. We have another discount on the Imported Grey Market Nikon D850 Body on eBay by eBay seller Deals All Year, it dropped from $3250 to $3230 with free shipping and a 1-year seller warranty. The new condition price at authorized Nikon USA dealers is $3300.

As far as the other tracked cameras, it is status quo. Both the Sony a7r III and Panasonic G9 are steadily available at authorized dealers, although individual sellers may go in and out.

On a meta note, this is the last time we have the Fuji X100S in the Stock Tracker. The camera has been steady in prices, both used and new for a while now, so it will be retired. However, I am saving the entries, so if something happens that necessitates its return, it will be very easy to bring it back!

IF there are any other cameras or lenses you’d like to see tracked, please leave a comment here or at the Stock Tracker or the online contact form