Imported (gray market) Canon 1D X for $4700

Another trip to the latest eBay Deals find a high-risk high-reward option. The imported Canon 1D X body only is offered for $4700 with free shipping by eBay seller GetItDigital (99.4%), wiht a limit of five per shopping cart. This camera is imported (grey market), so you don’t get warranty from the manufacturer. The seller, Get It Digital, offers their own equivalent one year warranty. High risk because this is an expensive professional DSLR, high reward because it is around $1300-$2100 less than the blessed by Canon USA model which goes for $6800 ($6000 after mail-in rebate) at Amazon and B&H Photo and Adorama and BuyDig. Over 130 imported 1D Xs got sold so far through this listing. Again, please note this is an imported model without a Canon USA warranty.