Imported Fuji X-T2 body only w/seller warranty for $1450

And now we continue refreshing the Stock Status Tracker with some Fuji X-T2 body only action!

If you are comfortable with imported cameras with a warranty provided by the seller (not Fuji USA), you can get the new condition Fuji X-T2 in imported grey-market condition for $1450 by Deals All Year on eBay (99.8%, New Jersey).

On the other hand, if you prefer used cameras, you can get it in “Used – Excellent” condition for $1349 plus shipping (starts at $14, varies by zipcode) from Adorama which offers a 90-day warranty of their own and a 30-day return policy.

Meanwhile Cardinal Photo is offering it in “Used – Like New” condition for $1399 through Amazon Warehouse Deals. Not Prime eligible. The description says this is the X-T2 with 18-55 kit, with the 18-55 removed (and presumably sold separately).

Some sellers do this, by selling them separately, they can get a better price than selling the kit as is. This is because of the built-in discount of the official “with lens” kits. As long as sellers are upfront about it and are clear in the descriptions, giving people more options and more alternatives is good.