(OLDER POST) Heads Up: DJI Mavic PRO sale on Mon at 3am ET

As teased, as of Monday 3/5/18 AM, the price dropped to $769 by Amazon itself… Original teaser post after the jump for historical reference…

According to a teaser deep inside the Gold Box, starting at 3am eastern on Monday there is going to be a sale on the DJI MAVIC PRO. The teaser does not say who the seller will be. The current featured price is $809 by a 3rd-party seller while Amazon’s own price is $900, a $100 discount off the “regular price” of $1000.

Why am I posting all these numbers ~ other than to give you a headache? 🙂 Because the teaser says the discount will be 30% off. Which price will be 30% off? We don’t know! My guess is that it will be 30% off the $1000 “regular” Amazon price, so, unless the price changes, it should be $700 on sale.

Note that this is not shown in the “Lightning Deals”, but rather the longer running “Savings & Sales” – think of them as Amazon’s “Woot Plus” versus the Woot deals of the day.