Friday: Huion Graphic Tablets, 11.6″ HP Chromebooks, Etc

Meanwhile good until Friday 11:59pm pacific time at the Amazon USA Gold Box there’s a sale on Huion graphics tablets with two options for $269~ (13.3 inch) and $374~ (19.5 inch) respectively.

In Woot Landia, under “Computers” they have 11.6″ HP Chromebooks from $140 to $150 with the all important 4GB RAM because ChromeOS (as it almost always happens with operating systems) is getting more bloated features ^_^ The $150 model is convertible while the $140 is not…

And at the Best Buy dailies the headliner is an $800 15.6″ Dell gaming laptop (i5, 8GB RAM,NVidia GTX 1050 Ti, 128GB SSD and 1TB HHD, etc).