(ENDED) Friday: $5/$25+ or $20/$100+ Monoprice coupons

These Friday-only coupons expired…

If you are Robert Smith, Friday means you are in love (but you still dress in goth head to toe). If you are Monoprice, it means the return of the Friday coupon duo for the Monoprice website:

+ $20 off $100+ with Promo Code SPLURGE
+ $5 off $25+ with Promo Code SAVE
+ the usual coupon restrictions apply
+ most sale items cannot be couponized
+ good for Friday only

Monoprice does not have free shipping for most products like other retailers do, so to get a good deal you have to triangulate the coupons and/or items that offer free shipping to offset some of the cost. Or wait until you are ready to place a bigger order. In some regions they offer next-day delivery for about the same price as regular shipping. They also opened a hub in Kentucky, making it easier to ship products East of the Rockies (why does that phrase remind me of Art Bell?)

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