FREE to Watch: Wellness and Health Classes from C-LIVE

To help us all cope with the current Corona-Not-The-Beer situation, CreativeLIVE has put together a dozen Health and Wellness classes that are free to stream 24 hours a day throughout the Corona Crisis 2020. Six are wellness (stress, happiness, meditation, etc), six are health related (yoga, etc).

Continuing as usual are the free to watch ON-AIR schedule classes at CreativeLive, with all kinds of subjects, an opportunity to pick up a new hobby or rekindle an old one (crafts, music, design, arts, etc) in addition to photography and such…

And on the FREEbies front, good until 3/20/20 at 11:59pm ET, giving them your email can get you the full-size scifi ebook “RedShirts” by John Scalzi (not a sampler, you get all 300-some pages of it {yes, RedShirts, that’s the Star Trek term}) from the Torbooks website. This is without DRM, and you can download in ePUB (for many devices and apps) and/or .mobi (for Amazon devices). If you are of the ePUB persuasion, since it is DRM-free, you don’t have to use Adobe’s vile ebook DRM abomination 🙂