FREE to Watch Streaming Class Starts 12pm ET: Nikon Lenses the Complete Guide

IF you are curious about the Nikon lens line-up, set your alarm clocks! Starting at 12pm eastern today (Saturday 3/17/18; I often type the date to make sure I know what day and date it is LOL) streaming for FREE is a repeat of the class by John Greengo (the CreativeLIVE Tech/Gadget Guy) Nikon Lenses the Complete Guide. The class will repeat overnight until 12pm eastern the next day, so if you are busy earlier on Saturday, you can watch it later. Much cheaper than movie tickets + popcorn + soda 🙂

This is among the classes free-streaming at the CreativeLIVE On-AIR. Yesterday I forgot to check, and of course they were running the Canon Lenses the Complete Guide. This is streaming until 12pm ET today. I don’t know if they plan to stream it again for Saturday. Some of the rebroadcasts run on back to back days, others are single day.