FREE to Watch NOW: “Seeing and Shaping Light” photography with Lindsay Adler

And now it’s time to check back on CreativeLIVE! Streaming for FREE at their On-AIR Schedule right now (today) is the “Seeing and Shaping Light” class with photographer Lindsay Adler among others.

Coming up in the next few days:

+ FEB-16: Fundamentals of Great Prints
+ FEB-17: Capturing Connection
+ FEB-18: Night Photography Fundamentals
+ FEB-19: Beginner Photographer’s Crash Course
+ FEB-20: Sony a7r III Fast Start (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ FEB-21: How to launch a Photography Business (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ FEB-21: Foundations of Adobe XD (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ FEB-21: Animal Photography (photographing animals I assume, not animals becoming photographers)
+ FEB-24: Photographing pets in the studio (herding cats tutorial?)
+ FEB-26: Alternative Processing in Photography
+ MAR-05: Getting started in lifestyle family photography (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ the above is just a sampling, see them all at the On-AIR Schedule