FREE OverNight Shipping on Nikon, Canons, Sony, Fuji, Apple, and More [cut-off point Thursday 4pm ET]

Too many products are eligible to list individually, so here’s a breakdown by brand. B&H Photo is offering Free Overnight Shipping on thousands of products until around Thursday 12/21/17 at 4pm eastern, that’s the cut-off point for Christmas 2017 delivery! But don’t wait until 3:57pm ET on Thursday to place an order 🙂

This promotion is offered automatically on their website for eligible products. There is no coupon code to enter!

+ Nikon Camera Gear: lots of Nikon DSLR kits, various Nikon lenses, some flashes, and a couple of Coolpixies too
+ over 120 items are eligible by my rough count

+ Canon Camera/Video Gear: lots of DSLRs and M mirrorless cameras, Lenses, some flashes, extenders, video cameras, Powershots, and binoculars
+ 217 items are eligible for this promotion

+ Sony Camera/Video Gear: E-mount cameras, Lenses, some Cybershots including the RX series, video cameras, etc
+ 154 items are eligible for this promotion

+ Fuji Camera Gear: many XF lenses, X100F BSP, FinePixies, hand/battery grips, lens accessories, Fuji Domke bag, and GFX-50S medium format camera
+ however, the X mirrorless cameras are not eligible for free overnight
+ 65 options

+ Sigma Lenses: 15 options, the 150-600mm and 18-300mm and 100-400mm in some system options

+ Zeiss Lenses: Batis and Loxia (primes of course)

+ DJI products: 18 options including Mavic, Spark, Osmo

+ Computers and Monitors and Electronics including many MacBooks, iPads, Computer Monitors, Audio Gear, Storage Systems, and more
+ over 85 options

+ or if you are only interested in Computer Monitors there are 19 options with prices ranging from $100 to $1075

+ a LOT more brands are eligible for this promotion, too many to list here, check the Free Overnight Shipping for all eligible brand and products

REMEMBER: the items must be in-stock and ready to ship for the purchases of this promotion, otherwise it partially to mostly defeats the purpose of overnight shipping during the end of year holidays and Section 179 tax and capital purchases… So items that go out of stock may disappear from the lists, and items that come back in-stock may re-appear in the lists depending on when you check…