eBay coupon: 10% off $50+ items (max discount $100; 111 eligible sellers)

The never-ending adventure that is eBAY is back with another coupon promotion. A total of 111 eBay sellers are participating in this offer: use coupon code PLAYOFFS18 to get 10% off a purchase of $50+, with a maximum discount of $100. In other words, purchases over $1000 will get a flat $100 off discount instead of 10% off. The coupon expires 1/15/18 at 8am pacific time!

Participating retailers include Beach Camera, aSavings (Focus Camera), Anker, A4C, Overstock, VMI, and more. You can see them all at the coupon promotion page.

Over 120 items are currently eligible for this promotion under the Camera and Photo category, but some related items may also be found in other categories. These type of things are only as good as the product categorization, which is almost never perfect, especially when it depends on a variety of sellers being accurate 🙂

Meanwhile a couple of DJI and Phantom quadcopter bundles from Beach Camera can be found under the Other Gadgets category.

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