eBay Bucks (YMMV): 5X on $50+ items until Thur PM

This is YMMV because I don’t know if eBay sends these type of offers to every person participating in their eBay Bucks rewards program or some of them. So if you received an email from eBay or saw this offer in your eBay Messages, then it means you are eligible. This is important because you have to opt-in for the offer, that’s how it activates.

So with this offer, you earn 5X eBay Bucks (which is 10% since 1X = 2%) on purchases of individual items that are priced $50 or more. You can use this offer on as many items as you like. The limits are $100 rewards on a single item, and $500 total per account during the promotion. Offer expires on Thursday 7/17/15 at 11:59pm pacific time.

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