eBay Auction by User: Fuji X-T2 Body starts at $1400

A new update of the Stocks Status Tracker surfaced a Fuji X-T2 body only eBay Auction Listing by an individual eBay user (100%, 56 ratings), offering them in “new – other” condition. As of the time of writing, the price is $1400 with 0 bids with an auction ending of Wednesday at 8:56pm ET. They ship from Houston, Texas with free expedited shipping by the seller.

The eBay widget showing the listing has been pushed after the jump because sometimes it is stalling and holding up the rest of the page from loading…

Here’s an eBay widget that shows this auction listing in banner-format (Javascript/JQuery). I believe the banner will update when the bid increases but I don’t know if it is self-updating.