DJI Spark Mini for $369, or $400 with $50 Gift Card or $100+ Kohls Cash

The DJI Spark Mini for $400 was one of the Black Friday Ads but the internets have not only matched it, but also defeated it as follows:

+ DJI Spark Mini (white) for $369 at Adorama

+ DJI Spark Mini (all colors) + $50 B&H Gift Card for $400 at B&H Photo

+ DJI Spark Mini (all colors) for $400 at and receive $105 in Kohls Cash
+ Kohls Cash is $15 rewards for every $50 you spend. This is $399.99. An extra penny (or if they round it) will get you $120 Kohls Cash
+ Kohls Cash is not cash, it’s more a reward/coupon hybrid and it has an EXPIRATION date – can only be used between 11/26 and 12/6/17
+ if you are a regular Kohls shopper, this is the best deal, otherwise you are probably better off with the gift card or discount because unless you are a seasoned Kohls couponer and rewarder and clearancer, their regular prices are high.

UPDATE: the “Fly More” combos go for $600 everywhere I checked but B&H Photo offers a $50 B&H gift card with them.