Dash Buttons 3-Step Money Maker Deal: Buy for $2, Place First Order with Dash Button, Get $5 Store Credit for Future purchase (limit 3)

If you are a fan of the Amazon DASH buttons, this is a three-step money maker deal. Amazon has a Mother’s Day promotion that lets you buy up to three Dash buttons for $2 EACH. After you receive and configure the DASH buttons, AND you place your first order with that particular DASH button, you will receive a $5 credit per DASH button in your Amazon account.

This post became a long and winding mess, more after the jump 🙂

So you pay $2 for the button, place a qualifying order via Button Press, and get a $5 credit in your account. But you only get the credit if you place an order with the button, so if you don’t find any products/brands you need that are Dash-compatible, then it’s not a money maker.

NOTE: make sure the DASH button you are buying is priced $1.99. Amazon’s pages mix and match different prices over there! It is easy to get confused. The AmazonBASICS button is NOT eligible! It was mentioned as eligible in the original version of the post.

There are the more detailed Terms and Conditions.

To recap, these are the Steps for this promotion

  • buy Dash button(s) of interest for $2 each
  • wait for them to arrive at your home/office
  • configure them by selecting your chosen product that is linked to that particular button (they work with Wi-fi using the Amazon app)
  • place an order for that item by pressing its DASH button
  • a $4.99 credit will be applied to your Amazon account
  • spend the $4.99 credit in future Amazon orders
  • you have until 12/31/17 to place an order that gets the $4.99 credit, so there’s no hurry, but don’t lose them or forget about them

This is a limited time offer! I haven’t done any DASH button ordering yet, so I can only go by what the help pages say. One of these days I’ll get around to it 🙂

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