Canon Pixma Printer Savings and/or more savings with Camera purchase (with Mail-In Rebates (prepaid AMEX Gift Card))

One of the B&H Photo headliner deals for the Photo Shop World 2015 is a Canon Pixma Printer savings promotion. You must needs enter coupon code PSWBH15 for these promotions to activate and use this B&H link that activates the promotion.

There are two ways to go about this. One is to buy the printers on their own straight up. They have a $250 mail-in rebate offer, bringing the printers down to $50 after MIR for the Pixma-100, $250 after MIR for the Pixma-10 and $450 after MIR for the Pixma-1.

The other option is to buy one of the printers along with one of the camera kits listed on the promotional page. This qualifies for an additional $350 mail-in rebate (on the combined purchase of a printer and camera). Some items may also come with promotional rewards or other freebies which are independent of this promotion.

The mail-in rebates are in the form of a prepaid American Express Gift Card (not a cashable check). The coupons expire 8/16/15. Here’s the B&H banner summarizing this offer:


PS: in case you are not familiar with these, you either get the $250 MIR if you buy a printer on its own or a $350 MIR if you buy a printer together with a digital camera. The table in the PDF rebate form (can be found on all the eligible product pages at B&H) makes it clear. The additional discounts above are from the B&H coupon and special promotion.