(ENDED) Canon 5DS Body for $2500 after coupon

As of 5/22/17 early AM, this offer is DEAD. The camera cannot be ordered…

You don’t see this every day. A $1000 off coupon (!!!). That’s right, for a limited time only (ends by Monday night), NewEgg itself offers $1000 off the Canon 5DS body only with promo code 52521WWS21 entered over there. You have to be logged on to a NewEgg account to use this promo code.

To make sure I’m not hallucinating early Saturday morning, here are the relevant screenshots 🙂 First the promo code.

Next up, the right hand side of the page showing that NewEgg itself is the seller, not 3rd-party sellers:

The Canon 5DS body goes for $3500 at other authorized dealers such as Adorama and B&H Photo and Amazon itself which typically does not price-match coupon offers (but there have been rare exceptions in the past).

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