(ENDED) Buy $50 Amazon Gift Card, Get $10 promotional credit with Coupon Code [PRIME]

This limited time Prime Day promotion expired…

The Prime Day Madness continues with music to regular Amazon shopper’s ears. If you buy a $50+ Amazon Gift Card, you will receive a $10 promotional credit to your Amazon account within two days after your order ships. This is good for physical gift cards to be delivered by mail, or electronic gift cards sent by email. The emailable ones, assuming they arrive promptly, you can to pay for more of today’s Prime sales. The $10 promotional credit must be spend by 8/27/16. You can send the emailable gift card to yourself, it doesn’t have to be sent to a different email address.

NOTE: you have to click on the yellow button to add the coupon code to your account or manually enter coupon code GCPRIME16 over there

PS: I will update this post after I do this. I am trying to catch up with things first before I shop shop shop. I am also on the Waiting List for a lifetime supply of coconut oil 🙂

Verifying Your Order is Eligible
When you add the Gift Card and proceed to Checkout, the top of the main Checkout page has a confirmation message that looks like this. If you don’t see it, it means there may be a problem, eg enter the coupon code manually. Screenshot below:


Delivery Speed
+ Order placed at 1:19pm ET
+ Order confirmation email arrived within seconds
+ Email with Gift Card arrived a few seconds later
+ from placing order to receiving emailable gift card: around 1 minute