B&N Buy More, Save More Coupon (up to 20% off)

If you are planning a big book purchase, the Barnes & Noble website has a “Buy More, Save More” coupon. Coupon code YESANDYES gets you a discount based on your order total:

+ 10% off orders of $35+
+ 15% off orders of $75+
+ 20% off orders of $150+
+ expires Tuesday night
+ some exclusions apply as usual

Independently of the coupon, a redistribution of the old Apple Price Fixing e-Book Settlement is in progress, so if you find small store credits in your e-book seller accounts, this is probably it. They are stored as “gift cards”.

Strategically this is good for books and such that have the same price everywhere, whether they are big photography books or camera guides, or instructional guides. Publishers love having price control, so coupons like this are a good way to get a discount on books that are price fixed.

The Clearance section is another place to look for deals. You can drill down the sub-categories or go directly to the Photography Clearance section. There’s also this 30% – 75% off Clearance page.

But wait, there’s more! Barnes and Noble has over 90 leather bound Collectible Editions of various classics old and new, from Jane Austen to Star Wars and Dune and Alice in Wonderland and Lovecraft and more!

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